Business Improvement Made Easy

Here at TakeAim Ltd, we provide Continuous Improvement coaching services which help you in achieving business excellence.
We are a team of Continuous Improvement Professionals who teach simple yet practical tools and techniques that have an immediate impact on business performance.
Whether you are looking to overcome a particular operational issue, improve an area of underperforming customer service or you are looking to adopt a continuous improvement methodology throughout your entire business, we have tailored services that will meet your needs. There is no better way of engaging a workforce, than to involve them in the changes you make together. Our coaches engage and empower your workforce to make real change, that will result in tangible improvements within their working environment.

Improvement made easy

Embedding a culture of Continuous Improvement can be difficult to manage and to the uninitiated... a foreign language!
TakeAim provides simple and effective improvement coaching to help you attack your business goals.

Learn by doing

With years of practice and delivery of many successful projects, our coaches understand that Continuous Improvement methods are best learned 'hands on'.
We take the classroom to the working environment!

How we do it

Using a base of LEAN methodology, we provide tailored coaching services, delivered as CPD accredited interactive learning workshops to suit your business needs.
Recognised training that delivers real results.


From our experience, most companies have sufficient in-house talent that could launch their own Improvement activity with just a little support and direction. We coach a simple yet effective Plan Do Check Act LEAN methodology to follow.


An accredited LEAN program, specific to Warehousing and Distribution Centres. Participants will be able to reduce customer service complaints, identify & eliminate operational losses... All whilst becoming more engaged in the workplace


Many businesses already have their own improvement program. We offer a fresh pair of eyes. From support in the form of project management to troubleshooting a particular roadblock, we will ensure that your program is a success.

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