About Us

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At TakeAim Ltd, we as a band of continuous improvement coaches believe making change is much more than simply teaching methodology, making process changes and measuring results. It is and has to be about engaging the entire workforce towards a common goal. Without this, we have witnessed time and time again, solid methodology becoming just another management led initiative that rarely makes it beyond year one.
Our mission at TakeAim Ltd is to guide businesses in their continuous improvement activities, making the process smooth and successful. Whether companies are looking for quick solutions to immediate problems or are looking to engender a culture of CI in their workplace, we have services that meet all needs. The strength of our service is in taking the learning out of the classroom and applying it "on the job" with the people who it matters to the most.

"We keep close to our customers, building successful improvement plans together"

Qualified coaching team

We have a coaching team sufficiently qualified in the various fields of continuous improvement. With backgrounds in project management using LEAN, Lean SixSigma and World Class Manufacturing techniques, we have developed a coaching method born out of practice from deploying Continuous Improvement programs in logistics, manufacturing and service industries.

We are not just teaching

We are not satisfied with just teaching - We coach continuous improvement methods that differ from other purely education services in the market. Using a 'learn by doing' approach, our coaches spend more time applying techniques in the operational environment than in the classroom, learning theory.

Over 20 years experience

A coaching team who have been where you are and made it a success. We have led projects that took just a number of days and a few people to complete and project managed national roll-outs of Continuous Improvement programs for FTSE100 companies.

We'll give it to you straight

One of our key principles is honesty. Where some would try to sell a product which "cannot fail" or "guarantees success", we believe in being upfront and say that you will get out of the process what you put in. Our experience tells us that not all things run smoothly, we can help you see problems coming and show you the quickest routes in overcoming any that made their way through.

After service

We are not simply a training company. We do not walk away once the theory is complete and leave the effort in your hands. As coaches we prefer to keep keep close to our customers, providing direction on building project plans and offering out of hours support to operational teams as they progress with their activity beyond initial training.