LEAN Warehousing & Logistics

LEAN Warehousing & Logistics

LEAN is a methodology designed to improve multiple aspects of business performance and has proven itself to be a simple but effective process to follow in eliminating waste and loss. LEAN can be applied in almost all areas of business but features mainly in manufacturing operations.

TakeAim provide an accredited LEAN coaching workshop specific to Warehousing and Logistics, where its application is often mis-understood. Our coaching team has proven experience in delivering successful change programs using this methodology in the industry.

Our Workshop

Combining theory and real application, delegates will cover:
LEAN History & Overview
5S for Warehousing
Identifying the 7 wastes of within Logistics
Process Mapping
Problem Solving with PDCA

Workshop Benefits

Benefits of our LEAN Warehousing & Logistics:
Cost saving through elimination of wasteful non-value adding activities
Reduced lead times and more efficient operator movements
Improved customer satisfaction through root cause analysis of current problems
Confident leaders, qualified to make successful and sustainable change.
Increased operator engagement, all working towards a common goal.