Problem Solving with LEAN - Plan, Do, Check and Act Cycle

Many improvement processes promote making change part of the 'day job', but do not teach the method of making this a reality. We at TakeAim know that this can be difficult for leaders at all levels of a business to implement and sustain. It takes times to build this confidence and culture within a workplace. A way of making this easier and building learning simultaneously, is to hold short but regular LEAN Problem Solving workshops, attacking problems using a systematic approach

Focused improvement workshops are a integral part of any continuous improvement process and rightly so. The effect of brief & focused activities can have tremendous impact on resolving chronic problems. Either by using them initially to build engagement and or for targeted activity towards problems within an established program...Improvement workshops are supremely effective at getting results fast.

Problem Solving with PDCA

Our accredited problem solving workshops use either a theoretical model or preferably Live problems from within your company to learn with. We offer the following workshops:

  • 2-Day Workshop - Theoretical Learning using a model example.
  • Practical Workshop - Using a Live problem from within your business.
  • Coaches Workshop - Developing Coaches who can lead & teach others.

For the Practical and Coaches workshop, we work with your appointed coaches or a project lead to engage their workforce in improvement activity. After some pre-work, together we host a learning event designed to deliver improvement results during the activity.

Examples of where our services have had a positive impact to date:

Process Improvement

53% Warehouse picking productivity and 31% overall warehouse efficiency improvement, removing waste & loss and improving operators movements.

Better Service

Reduced service errors by 40% (Pick Errors, Shortages, Damage, Transport Errors and Input Errors) through a plant-wide PDCA training initiative

Agile Manufacturing

66% Plant-wide machine change-over time improvement using Single Minute Exchange of Die methodology with LEAN PDCA Workshop

Increased Safety

Understanding accidents and performing Root Cause Analysis to prevent further injuries. 70% reduction in Lost Time Accidents